...imprinting territories...
“In a sharp contrast the second piece, …imprinting territories… created in 2009 by Tracey Norman as part of her Masters thesis, was an emotionally charged solo performance. Norman, who acted as creator and performer, used memory as her physical compass, fitting into her thesis which explored body-mapping. Norman exuded a tentative curiosity from start to finish. It seemed that each movement she made triggered memories for Norman. As an audience member I could feel her making each decision, to move forward or back, to continue to balance or release her weight, as though remembering each step along the way of the dance. In moments you could sense Norman recognizing pieces of the dance her expression telling us that she had been here before. Delicately choreographed, intricately performed Norman excited me with both her dancing and choreography.”

-Rachel Martin, MERGE ‘zine for emerging dance artists, August 2010
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