all alone, together
all alone, together

“Tracey Norman, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from York University in 2003, performs in the emerging artists program at the Toronto International Dance Festival.

She is performing a duet, all alone, together, with Leah Archambault. The original score was composed by her brother, Daniel Norman, a Western graduate.

all alone, together is the story of a girl born holding her heart in her hand.

Norman said the festival is a chance for her to network and meet contacts in the industry.

“When you’re working as an independent artist, you’re always trying to put yourself out there. You hope to forge some relationships by showing your work,” said Norman, who also studied at Laurie Ann’s School of Dance.

More than 350 dancers are involved in the curated festival, to be held in Toronto’s historic distillery district.”

% -Kathy Rumleski, The London Free Press: August 4, 2006%